Interactive, thematic live escape games

60 mins to search for clues, solve the puzzles and beat the room.
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The Rooms

Our fully interactive, thematic rooms pull you right into the reality of the story. Find the clues, solve the puzzles and beat the room.

Price per slot (1 Hour) - For 2 to 6 players

Open Thursday - Sunday

£85 (inc VAT) (Offpeak)

£98 (inc VAT) (Peak)

Offpeak available all-day Thursday and on Friday before 5pm.
Peak runs Friday after 5pm and all day Sat/Sun.

The Case of the Missing Gun

Under 16s must have an adult playing in the room too.

Only Larry knows the whereabouts of the gun that ties Vince to the murder.

Can you find the missing evidence to send Vince down?



Under 16s must have an adult playing in the room too.

Reports have recently been coming in of some bugs in the venus system. As part of the tech team, can you investigate?

venus. always on. always listening. always there.


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Our rooms throw you into the reality of the story. There's not just a load of padlocked boxes here! Get your head into the scene and ideas on how to solve the mystery will start to flow.



You'll need a great team of puzzle solvers to crack the mysteries in our rooms. Much discussion will be needed to work through the puzzles with information coming from all over.



Our thematic rooms are fully immersive and you'll get clues in many different forms so keep your eyes and ears open for the vital information to help solve the puzzles.



Bring all the ideas, discussions and clues together to work out the solutions to the puzzles. Solve all of them and escape the room. But will you do it in time?

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A live escape game, at the bottom of Jeffries Passage, Guildford town centre.
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