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A great way to treat your team.

Open 7 days a week.

We open from 10am to 10pm everyday for pre-booked corporate and group games. If you'd like to check availability or discuss your booking further then just enquire below.

All bookings for games before 5pm are charged at our off-peak rate of £85 (inc VAT) for up to 6 players in the room.

Our rooms can hold a MAXIMUM of 6 players. We have 2 rooms so can accommodate 12 players playing at the same time.

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The Rooms

Our fully interactive, thematic rooms pull you right into the reality of the story. Find the clues, solve the puzzles and beat the room.

Open 7 days a week

£70.83+VAT (Offpeak)

£81.67+VAT (Peak)

Our offpeak times are weekdays before 5pm. Peak times are weekdays after 5pm and weekends.

The Case of the Missing Gun

Under 16s must have an adult playing in the room too.

Vince Baxter, New York's infamous crime boss, is on trial for the murder of Roxanne's brother, Stanley Steele and with only an hour left in the case, the prosecution really need Larry's evidence to finally convince the judge of Vince's guilt.

The only problem is that Private Investigator Larry Maxwell is unconscious in hospital, caused by a mysterious 'accident' yesterday. Only Larry knows the whereabouts of the gun that ties Vince to the murder.

Can you find the missing evidence to send Vince down?



Under 16s must have an adult playing in the room too.

With the recent rapid increase in the capabilities of artificial intelligence most homes have adopted some helpful AI to assist in tasks around the home.

venus represents the latest in home assistance technology and is the first product that claims to have been created with a human-like personality to help integrate venus into your family.

Reports have recently been coming in of some bugs in the venus system. As part of the tech team, can you investigate?

venus. always on. always listening. always there.


We also have Gift Certificates available

Gift Certificates

Think you can do it?

Your team has 60 mins to search for clues, solve the puzzles and beat the room.

Back to back

If you want to play both rooms as a competition then this is perfect for you. Both teams play one of the rooms then switch over and play the next.

Perfect for small teams of up to 12 players. With the back to back rooms you can really compete to see who can solve the rooms in the fastest time or with the least number of clues.

  • Time: 3 hours
  • Max players at a time: 12 (over 2 rooms)

Price: from £70.83+VAT (£85 (inc VAT)) per room

In a row

Play a single room one after the other. Great for larger teams who still want to compete in the same room.

Teams arrive at their given slot and play. We keep the results and the times a secret until the end then send the last team back with a photo of each team and the result sealed in an envelope!

  • Time: 1.5 hours per team
  • Max players at a time: 6
    This can be played in parallel with the other room too for a max of 12 playing at once across 2 rooms.

Price: from £70.83+VAT (£85 (inc VAT)) per room

or... play any way you like. We have a way to run the games to suit your group size.

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