Gift Certificates

Perfect for friends, family and those who think they know it all.

Price is for the room which accommodates 2-6 players.

We're open Thursday - Sunday 10am until 10pm.

The gift certificate allows the recipient to book any room, any time.

To redeem their gift certificate, the recipient just has to head to our website, find a slot they'd like to book, then enter their gift certificate code at payment stage.

When buying your gift certificate, if you don't want to immediately send the voucher to the person you're buying it for then just enter YOUR email in the recipient field then you can send it on to them anytime. We also have a printable gift certificate PDF which you can download and fill in their code to give to them.

Download printable gift certificate



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A live escape game, at the bottom of Jeffries Passage, Guildford town centre.
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